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I ordered in August, and since I live in India (the shipping chargers were an additional 40-50 dollars besides the actual price) I had a friend buy it for me in the US and send it to me.

When I received, the colour was wrong. We asked for a green, and they sent a blue Even the invoice said green, but I was holding a blue in my hand! Since I thought it would be too much of a hassle to get a replacement with the right colour, I let it go. However I tweeted and even messaged them on facebook - no replies or acknowledgements whatsoever.

I am not an extreme sports person, so they was no extreme action with my phone and case. However I did drop it a number of times, and once, the yellow protective rubber came out. This I believe is very important and protects the charging port and waterproofs it. After fixing it myself, and testing it, it seemed fine and I continued using it.

But the case showed a lot of wear and tear. The rubber from the sides kept getting chipped off, and again, I do not use it roughly.

The ultimate test was the festival of Holi, with a lot of coloured powder and water. The phone fared truly well. However when I removed the cover to clean it up, there was colour seeping inside my case. And then on closer inspection, the plastic film at the back was beginning to come undone. I could actually see the gap and I don't think I'll ever be able to use this case in water ever again!

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #796318

After 2 months of regular use of my Lifeproof case there is a hole in it contacted customer service the rep I guess could not hear well because she got my address and color wrong on my claim now they tell me to send my damage and the wrong color case back to get the correct one??? My point of buying a case the day I bought my phone was to protect it at all times!! Now lifeproof requested pics I sent those they say that they are not enough I will never purchase from them again

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