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If you own a iPhone 5, do yourself a favor, and avoid using the "Lifeproof" brand of protective cases. I have had a problem with one, since the day I bought it, and NINE requests for help from the company, have gone unanswered.

The problem is with the screen protector. It has an inordinate number of air bubbles embedded in it's layers.

I received two different automated responses from the company. The e-mails were identical, with TWO different reasons cited for their untimely response....

I responded to both e-mails, per their instructions, and both of my responses have ALSO gone unanswered.

Lifeproof stated in their "apology" e-mails that they found their own lack of response "unacceptable". In light of their continued indifference to my problem, I am not only agreeing with that, but I will be forwarding this post to three computer/technology magazines, two consumer websites, and ALL of my friends and acquaintances.....Thank you, Lifeproof, for living up to your OWN assessment of the handling of my problem.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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went swimming with my son in the baby pool and placed it on his floating device and water eventually seeped in ...after inspecting the case i realized that over time opening and closing the cases usb protector had worn the plastic slightly but then allowed water and now my i phone 5 is broken ..my boyfriend works out of town 3 weeks on 1 week off so now i have no way to facetime with him for my son.. also i just upgraded this phone and did it early now i cant afford to buy a new phone i think not only am i dont with spending a fortune on these garbage cases but i will not be buying the new apple as i cant afford it !!good for you for standing up to lifeproof i really hope you followed through with sending this to tech magzines and such. good luck everyone

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