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About a month ago I upgrade my phone to a Galaxy S7. I was browsing cases when the employee with me recommended I get a lifeproof case. I asked him it's features. He told me all the great things about it and I was sold. It was pretty expensive though coming in at about 100 dollars. After he put the case on for me, I noticed the screen looked kinda greasy. I took the case off to clean the phone and the screen protector (The screen protector is attached to the case). After putting it back on I noticed it was still greasy! I decided to deal with it but any of my friends who wanted to use it commented on it being greasy and I had to explain I couldn't do anything about it.

I kept using the case because it was so expensive. I kept it in my pocket while I was at school. But after a full 7 hours, I noticed something. There were dust particles UNDER the screen protector! I took the case of and cleaned it and put it back on. This didn't matter since they would come back anyway. I have no idea how this happens since the case is completely sealed from all outside elements.

Now for my last problem I've had with this, is that even though the case says that it works with fingerprint identification, I have to put my thumb on the home button 3 or 4 times before it unlocks it. When the case is off, It will work 1st try every single time. So technically, what they're advertising is true, but it's very annoying when I have to keep doing it over and over again. I know I could just enter the password, but a thumbprint is just more convenient.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with it protects against drops and water and stated that there is a room for improvement of looks greasy and not dust proof. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "the screen looks greasy, the fingerprint doesn't work well with the case, and dust gets under the screen protector." of lifeproof samsung galaxy s7 cell phone case. Lifeproof needs to issue a partial refund according to poster's claims.

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1223115

How do I contact life proof America? I need to exchange my phone case I have the recite and the box I just can't get ahold of life proof America I have tryed the number on the website and every other place in Australia I call will not help me please help!!

Merewether, New South Wales, Australia #1216188

I've owned quite a few lifeproof cases before over the years with different manufacturers and noticed a similar thing with a couple I've had. In my case it wasn't grease but where the case touches the phone screen.

It's like the front of the case is a fraction too big. Instead of it bowing out it sunk in and gave it that kind of greasy look in the middle of the screen. If I stretched the screen out by pulling the sides of the case down I noticed it went away. I tried cleaning it too only to realise that each time I took it off it would warp and stretch the screen slightly and just make it worse.

I'm not exactly sure if it's the same problem as yours though.

As far as the dust thing I haven't come across that before. I hope I've make some sense and it helps.

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